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On December 5, 2015, Moganshan was invited to attend the 2015 China customized home furnishing industry annual conference. Home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" made an exclusive interview with Liang Qi, home marketing director of Moganshan, with the theme of "customize 100, set the way"

on December 5, 2015, Moganshan was invited to attend the 2015 China customized home furnishing industry annual conference. Home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" made an exclusive interview with Liang Qi, the marketing director of Moganshan home of Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng New Material Co., Ltd., with the theme of "customize 100, set the way"

interview guests: Liang Qi, director of Moganshan home marketing of Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng New Material Co., Ltd.

Liang Qi, director of Moganshan home marketing, accepted an exclusive interview with the home hotline reporter

Home hotline: Hello, President Liang! How do you expect to attend the annual meeting of customized home furnishings this time

president Liang: we have put forward a concept of reshaping industrial chain this time. For us, we want to see how our peers view this industrial chain reshaping. It has been more than ten years since this industry was introduced from abroad in the 1990s. There are many concepts about how to go about the wardrobe industry and the customized home industry. At first, it is said that the home building materials industry is the last piece of cake, followed by a new concept called the smart home industry, which is said to be the last piece of cake in the customized home building materials industry. No matter which is the last piece, this "cake" is developed, In the process of development, how should enterprises reshape and industrial upgrading, and what specific steps should be taken? This is what we want to know most at this annual meeting

home hotline: at the 2015 China customized home industry annual meeting, the first "general technical standard for (whole house) customized home" was born. What do you think is the significance of formulating technical standards

president Liang: every industry has its own standards, and some standards are upgraded after passing. The standard is very beneficial to our customized home furnishing industry, because the overall development status and large demand of the customized home furnishing industry account for a relatively small share. The release of the standard is a distinction as a market. I think our biggest competitor in this industry is our traditional consumer group, because when many consumers buy, the traditional consumption concept is to find carpenters to customize, so there are many consumption blind spots. In this blind spot, it is difficult for the home customization industry to choose the right one. There has been no reference before. After the standard comes out, it can at least be referred to consumers. For enterprises, we can also set a threshold for ourselves, which is also a good direction for industrial upgrading

home hotline: in addition to releasing reports and formulating standards, this annual meeting also has a mission, which is to open a new era of "Internet + home ecosystem". How do you think the customization industry should go in terms of "Internet +?"

president Liang: we are still in the exploratory stage about "Internet +" or how to integrate the home building materials industry with the Internet. It should be said that the whole industry is groping, and there is no successful case or model to copy and learn from. We have also tried. The year before last, we set up a special e-commerce department and opened our own flagship stores in tmall and Alibaba. Over the past year, we have made some achievements, but it is still far from our goal. Because there is an insurmountable gap between online and offline, online can quickly formulate sales strategies and frameworks, and can give consumers a commitment. The fulfillment of this commitment requires the support of a huge offline network and service system, which is the bottleneck faced by all our enterprises. In addition, in the process of integrating online and offline resources, we should consider the interests of offline networks. Because dealers are one of us, we need a balance in order to achieve win-win results, make them profitable, and let consumers get real benefits. I hope this annual meeting will bring me some inspiration

home hotline: speaking of industrial upgrading, can you share some specific practices of Moganshan in upgrading

Mr. Liang: we have upgraded many times since our development. Moganshan wardrobe was born out of the whole Moganshan brand. Our enterprise has been established in 1995 and this year for exactly 20 years. In the past 20 years, we have made three leaps and upgrades. We started as a board and upgraded it for the first time. We first developed environmentally friendly products in the industry and developed the first environmentally friendly board in China; The second time, we began to do internal upgrading, involving the floor. After that, we saw the trend of home integration, so we stepped into the custom home industry; For the third upgrade, we have done a lot of specific work. For example, last year, we invested 150million to buy new plants and adopt the most advanced equipment. This year's market is more difficult to operate than last year, but we are expanding our investment, and our technology and R & D teams are doubling. We need to save energy in the cold winter and be the first to recover when spring comes





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