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Imported mindol Grupo furniture customizes your home life. It uses local natural materials and is made through modern technology. Each one is close to the most basic living needs of users, so that users can enjoy a comfortable experience from natural materials every night

mindol Grupo furniture was founded in Portugal. Starting from the needs of modern users for bedding, it specializes in the production of mattress, bed, bedstead, pillow, bedding and other product series, aiming to ensure the sleep comfort and happiness of the whole family

in terms of product quality, mindol Grupo furniture has conducted a series of studies on mattresses to ensure good sleep quality. Customers can choose mattresses of different thickness according to their actual needs, and the materials are also diverse, soft, hard, spring, polyurethane foam, etc., which fully meet the diversified needs of customers

the product concept of mindol Grupo furniture is that healthy sleep can improve the quality of life. He believes that high-quality sleep is actually an important factor to ensure everyone's physical and mental health. Therefore, she has been designing products in the laboratory to provide a comprehensive healthy and comfortable experience

at present, mindol group has qualified and experienced technicians, and the management is committed to the future, respecting the environment and minimizing the ecological footprint. More than 50% of their energy consumption comes from renewable energy, and they have been investing. And in the future, mindol Grupo Furniture Group will further commit to continuous improvement to meet the needs of customers

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