Strategies for saving money in home decoration bew

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1、 Decoration saving strategy

the rising house prices have put a lot of married newlyweds under great economic pressure, and the cost of decoration is not a small amount. If you can save a sum of money during decoration, it will undoubtedly alleviate the economic pressure and make the newlywed life more comfortable

1. Don't blindly pursue high-end products. Now there are many materials in the building materials market, and most of them are expensive. When decorating, we must use good materials in important places, but not all of them need to use high-grade building materials. In that case, the overall price is too expensive. Decoration designers usually believe that the latest products of decoration materials are certainly not as cost-effective as classic products, and their performance is not as stable as classic products, but usually the price is higher. Therefore, reasonable collocation is required during decoration, and it is best to choose materials with strong practicality

2. Choose off-season decoration. Whether it is the wages of decoration workers or the price of decoration materials, the decoration price will certainly be more preferential in the off-season. Generally speaking, the off-season of house decoration is in the first half of the year

3. Do it yourself if you don't have high technology. Brush the wall with latex paint, pave wood boards, assemble furniture, etc. These low-tech jobs can be done by yourself when you have time, which not only saves a lot of money, but also enables new people to enjoy the fun and sense of achievement of decorating their new home

4. Check the budget and final accounts. It is inevitable that there will be some changes and modifications in the decoration construction, but try not to make too big changes. It should be carried out according to the originally formulated construction plan and budget items, and make records, so as to clear the increased and decreased items in the final accounts

second, the four steps of decoration

decoration is a headache. In fact, the most worry free way is to buy a house with fine decoration, but the decoration of the house is often unsatisfactory, and many people will choose to decorate the house themselves. With the rise of prices and wages, the cost of decoration is on the rise. Newlyweds need to make reasonable arrangements and overall planning to avoid waste in the decoration process and ensure the quality of house decoration at the same time

1. Select the delegation method. There are three main ways of entrusting house decoration projects, namely, full package, half package and clear package

the so-called all inclusive means that the decoration company is fully responsible for the purchase and construction of all materials, with clear responsibilities and rights. If there is a problem with the decoration quality, the construction party must be responsible for it, which saves the newcomers effort and worry. However, the price of all inclusive materials is not cheap, and the construction party may falsely report the price. Generally, the cost of all inclusive materials will be high




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