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The material of the collector ring affects the applicable life of the collector ring, so the material requirements of the collector ring are relatively strict. The material of the collector ring requires high mechanical strength, good electrical conductor and corrosion resistance. When contacting with the brush slip ring, it must have wear resistance and stable sliding contact characteristics

collector ring is also called conductive ring, collector ring, collector ring, conductive slip ring, brush, slip ring, rotating joint, rotating electrical joint, etc. conductive ring can improve system performance, simplify system structure, and avoid twisting wires due to the rotation of active joints. It is widely used in security, wind power generation, factory automation, electric power, finance, instrumentation, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, aviation, military, shipping, transportation, construction and other electromechanical equipment. Next, I will introduce the function of collector ring and the fault treatment of collector ring short circuit

function of collector ring

1. Collector ring is also called conductive ring, slip ring, collector ring, collector ring, etc. it can be used in any electromechanical system that requires contact rotation and transmission of power box signals from fixed position to rotating position. The collector ring can improve the performance of the system, simplify the structure of the system, and avoid the sprain caused by the rotation of the wire

2. The collector ring is generally used on the commutator of the motor. As a sliding contact for deriving and importing current, it has good conductivity, heat conduction and lubrication performance, and has certain mechanical strength and commutative spark instinct. Almost all motors use Jingpei collector ring, which is an important organizational part of the motor. The collector ring is widely used in various AC and DC generators, synchronous motors, battery DC motors, crane motors, and various electric welding machines

3. It is widely used in synchronous motors, including hydro generators with low peripheral speed. For collector rings like automobile generators, which mainly emphasize mechanical strength and wear resistance at high circumferential speed, sometimes forged steel is also used. In addition, when corrosion resistance is required, stainless steel can be used, but the sliding characteristics of stainless steel are unstable and the combination with the brush is inappropriate, which often makes the brush jump, which is easy to cause excessive temperature rise or abnormal wear of the brush, so we must pay more attention to it when using

fault treatment of collector ring short circuit

in the process of motor operation, it will suddenly have a voltage drop, and then it needs to be sent to the motor maintenance department for maintenance. Through inspection, technicians found that there was a short circuit between two collecting rings, and there would be blackening at the connection between the ring and the winding, and the insulating sheets at both ends of the connecting column also broke down, so there would be a burning smell. This is because their own motor has not been maintained for a long time, and when it is running, there will be oil smoke and dust deposition, and then it will be damp, which will lead to the resistance of the collecting ring falling, and over time, If it is not handled in time, it will burn out

after finding the cause, we can first remove the end cover of the collector ring, then clean the oil and dust on it, loosen the screws inside, clean the bamboo chips, etc., check whether the resistance is good, and then assemble the test machine to see if the motor is normal. Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain the motor at ordinary times, which can reduce the occurrence of faults. Of course, if there are problems, we must find professional motor repairmen to deal with them

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