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Zenlayer won the recommendation of Gartner's Wan edge Magic Quadrant in the Asia Pacific region

recently, Gartner, the world's most authoritative and influential it research and consulting company, released the asia/pacific context: Magic Quadrant for WAN edge infrastructure, which will be reset by pressing the reset key after the reading is stable, Zenlayer, a global edge cloud service provider, won the recommendation of Gartner's Wan edge Magic Quadrant in the Asia Pacific region with its edge infrastructure and edge cloud services widely distributed in the Asia Pacific region

edge Wan infrastructure includes a wide range of network functions, including secure router, firewall, sd-wan, wide area path control and wide area optimization, as well as traditional routing functions

gartner's report shows that China's per capita consumption of plastic products is still lower than the global average. Enterprises in the Asia Pacific region are paying more and more attention to the introduction and application of sd-wan technology, and most countries are beginning to mix the early deployment of wide areas. Compared with mature markets such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia, many emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines have backward infrastructure, are generally lack of international network exports, wide area links are extremely unreliable, and cloud coverage is relatively scarce. Therefore, the current wide area edge infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region mainly focuses on private cloud services such as data centers

gartner suggests that enterprises in the Asia Pacific region consider the new wide area architecture from the following aspects:

support from cloud providers in the region

compliance with local network and security requirements through partnership in China

partnership with powerful regional communication service providers (CSPs) and Internet service providers Cooperation with new sd-wan service providers with cross cloud capabilities

cooperation between the enterprise itself or service providers and world-renowned IT manufacturers or consultants

internal or third-party integration of cloud based security solutions

zenlayer has 150+ edge nodes in the world, more than half of which are distributed in the Asia Pacific region. As the first edge cloud manufacturer to enter emerging markets, zenlayer is committed to providing enterprises with consistent network services in emerging markets

zenlayer has established cooperation with Telin Singapore, PLDT, Indonesia Telecom and other operators, Equinix, Tata, sify, FPT and other data center providers in emerging market countries such as India, Indonesia, 201 PVC door and window fasteners, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines in the Asia Pacific region, and has opened up cooperation with AWS, Google cloud, azure, Tencent cloud, Alibaba cloud Direct connection to public clouds such as ucloud

zenlayer provides enterprises with global edge data center, IPT, bare metal cloud, cloud connectivity, cloud Wan, edge computing and other products and services to pool distributed underlying resources. Through zenlayer's software definition platform, enterprises can deploy computing and network resources to the edge nodes closest to users, rapidly improving the digital experience of global users

on the physical machine closer to the user, the bare metal cloud can rapidly deploy the business

users can quickly self-service to open a dedicated physical server within 10 minutes, eliminate interference from other tenants, and ensure user safety. At the same time, zenlayer backbone connects 25 bare metal cloud pop points around the world and directly connects to the public cloud

cloud links cloud Wan exclusive network, connecting data center, cloud and enterprise

zenlayer cloud connection and cloud Wan can connect enterprise private cloud, public cloud and zenlayer bare metal cloud. Enterprises can quickly deploy hybrid Cloud Architecture, accelerate access to SaaS on the first day of the exhibition, and improve operational efficiency

edge computing has exclusive network and dynamic acceleration, without the need to deploy infrastructure.

zenlayer has more than 150 edge nodes worldwide, minimizing latency. The dedicated network is connected to the main pop points to ensure zero packet loss, and the nvme server ensures high i/o. Using the edge computing capability based on Lua to realize customized security logic, real-time monitoring network dynamic data for in-depth analysis of enterprises

with its widely distributed edge nodes, sd-wan capabilities and experienced transnational network operation experience, zenlayer has helped more than 300 customers worldwide deploy their businesses to the edge. In the future, zenlayer will invest more in the research and development of bare metal cloud, cloud connectivity, cloud Wan and edge computing products, and will further expand its global business landscape in emerging markets such as India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America

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