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Yutong dynamic compaction sails to Dubai

since the first batch of equipment was exported in early 2000, the development footprint of Yutong heavy industry has spread all over the world. This plate is made of inorganic fiber core material and high resistance gas composite film through vacuum packaging technology. On july4,2017, two Yutong dynamic compaction machines arrived in Dubai, which is another good news after more than 20 Yutong foundation construction products were sent to Dubai in 2016

the local temperature in Dubai has reached more than 40 degrees, and the local temperature is one of the "highlights" of this exhibition. The temperature is as high as 60 or 70 degrees Celsius. The severe construction environment has very strict requirements on the hydraulic system, winch, engine and air conditioning of the dynamic compaction machine. The excellent performance of Yutong dynamic compaction machine in Dubai has won the trust of customers. Customers choose Yutong again, It is the biggest recognition of our products' creation through the new industrialization demonstration base

after seven years of continuous upgrading of four generations of products, the safety and reliability of Yutong dynamic compactor have reached a very stable level, with a longer service life. The PVC consumption of the product is gradually reduced, the failure rate is lower, and the operation efficiency is 30% higher than that of the same industry. In particular, the ytqh450b hydraulic crawler dynamic compactor sent to Dubai this time is equipped with Cummins engine and free falling hook winch, which is light, flexible, comfortable and safe to operate, Truly "create greater value for customers"

looking back, it has been more than ten years since our products entered Dubai. The pursuit of excellent product quality and the craftsman spirit of continuous improvement have ensured the continuous growth of the market share of our products, and the export volume ranks first in the Dubai market. Looking forward to the future, Yutong dynamic compaction products will continue to uphold the belief of high quality and efficiency to create greater value for customers

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