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The full name of anti-theft door is "anti-theft safety door", which has both anti-theft and safety performance. Doors that can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions within a certain period of time, have certain safety protection performance and meet the corresponding anti-theft security level

because of its importance, anti-theft door is a household product that most families will install now, because it is related to people's personal safety and property safety. As the guard of the home, the anti-theft door is the first gateway, which has both anti-theft and security performance. However, for the anti-theft doors of various materials and categories in the market, you may fall into a dilemma and do not know how to choose the anti-theft door. It doesn't matter if I don't know. Today, I'll tell you how to choose the anti-theft door. Let you choose a beautiful and safe security door

first of all, let's have a look at the material classification of anti-theft doors

anti theft doors are mainly divided into five kinds of materials: steel, steel wood structure, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper, which have their own characteristics in quality and performance, and the natural price is also different

1. Steel

can be said to be seen most in the market and used most by ordinary people. Most of the security doors that people are familiar with belong to this series. The price of this kind of door is relatively low and reasonable, and its sales volume accounts for more than 90% of the total market sales. The disadvantage of this kind of door is that the appearance line is hard, which is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration

2. Steel wood door

is a kind of door that can be matched with indoor decoration. Generally, users can put forward requirements. The anti-theft performance is achieved by using the middle steel plate. Manufacturers can choose different colors, wood, lines and patterns according to user requirements to integrate with indoor decoration, which is no longer as cold and incongruous as steel doors. Therefore, its price is also more expensive than steel security doors

3. Aluminum alloy

the aluminum alloy material used in this door is different from the ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows we see. It has high hardness and bright color. It is decorated with patterns and patterns, giving people a sense of resplendence. It is a mid-range anti-theft door. Because this kind of door is not easy to fade, it also has a certain consumer group

4. Stainless steel

stainless steel anti-theft door is durable and has higher security. There are many colors of stainless steel security doors in the market, including silver white, yellow titanium gold, rose gold, red titanium gold, black titanium gold, rose red, and many other colors. There are also stamping patterns. Generally, the pattern of steel security doors can be realized on stainless steel doors. The price of stainless steel doors in the market ranges from 400 to 700, depending on whether the material is 201 or 304. It is better to choose a larger manufacturer to make stainless steel doors, which is close to the installation site and convenient for after-sales price comparison

5. Copper

most copper security doors combine traditional security and entry doors into one, with advanced styles, and have good performance in fire prevention, corrosion prevention, prying prevention and dust prevention. In terms of material, copper anti-theft door is the best, and in terms of price, it is also the most expensive. The basic price that can be seen in the market is more than 10000 yuan, and the most expensive can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan. It is mainly used in banks and other financial institutions or high-end residential villas

how to choose the security door

1. Understand the rating standard

security doors are also classified. From its security level, security doors can be divided into four levels: A, B, C and D. As the name suggests, the performance of class a anti-theft doors is the best. Most of them are class C and class D, which are suitable for general household use. According to the inspection of the anti-theft door in our country, the only standard is that some sharp tools can't break the door within a certain period of time, so it is a real anti-theft door

2. Distinguish between true and false anti-theft doors

anti theft safety doors are produced according to national standards, while steel doors, metal doors and entry doors are produced according to enterprise standards. Therefore, seeing the standard clearly has become the first step for consumers to identify anti-theft doors. Open the door to see if there is a sign of anti-theft safety door posted on the upper corner of the inner door. Note that it is “ Anti theft safety door “, If there is no such sign or there are metal doors, steel doors or entry doors on the sign, it is not a security door

3. According to the relevant national regulations, the thickness of the steel plate in the anti-theft door should be at least 1mm. For some manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, this requirement has not been met, so consumers can press the steel plate in the door leaf to judge whether it is qualified when inspecting the steel plate. If the steel plate is pressed down, it will remind you that the quality of the anti-theft door is not up to standard, so abandon it

4. Understand the thickness of the plate

the general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors implemented since April 1, 2008 gb17565-2007 stipulates:

① anti theft safety doors should have permanent anti-theft security level marks

② the anti-theft security level mark is composed of its Chinese code and plane circle, and the Chinese code should be located in the diameter of φ 25mm flat circle

③ Chinese grade marks a, B, C and D are permanently fixed on the upper corner of the inner hinge in the form of Song typeface gravure, 1600mm above the ground; 100mm

the national standard requires that the door must be stamped with a steel seal. If the door you see is not stamped with a steel seal, it does not meet the requirements of the national standard. Obviously, it's not a security door

5. Check the step down

for the anti-theft door with qualified quality, its step down is mainly made of stainless steel, which can be described as having excellent stability and firmness. In order to reduce costs, many small workshops now use stainless iron instead of stainless steel. Therefore, in this small editor, I will teach you a little trick of identification. Put the magnet under the anti-theft door. If the suction is strong and it is difficult to remove, then the surface stepping material is stainless iron, that is, unqualified material

6. Check the lock point

the last test is the lock point on the anti-theft door. Now some businesses use the anti-theft door with many lock points to attract customers, and precisely because of this, many consumers mistakenly believe that the more locks on the anti-theft door, the better the anti-theft effect. In fact, this is wrong. The so-called good lock is not the number of lock points, but the positions of the most critical lock points. Anti theft doors with qualified locks usually adopt three-dimensional locking points, namely door locks and upper and lower crossbars. And the material of the lock cylinder is also the key. The material of the lock cylinder is not anti-theft, so no matter how many lock points the anti-theft door has, it is useless

7. Look at the anti-theft performance

the anti-theft property of the anti-theft door should be high. In addition to the steel plate needs to meet the national standards, the lock is the top priority

anti theft door grading lock is also graded:

A-level parallel latch, the key is flat, and there is a drip slot on it. The anti technology is turned on for less than 5 minutes

b level parallel locking tongue, the key is semicircular, and there are special-shaped slots on it. The anti-theft technology meets the national standard after being opened for more than 5 minutes

super-B Xiaoshuai Manshen lock body is a T-shaped rotary latch, which automatically rotates 90 degrees after the lock. The lock cylinder is controlled by two rows of marbles in steps. The key is double-sided and double teeth, which is equivalent to two keys being pinched into one. The anti technology is turned on for 270 minutes

8. Style of anti-theft door

although the main function of the anti-theft door is anti-theft, the manufacturer also pays attention to the design and style of the door, which undoubtedly adds new selling points to the anti-theft door. For consumers, it is not killing two birds with one stone to buy anti-theft doors that are beautiful and have good anti-theft performance? The security performance of anti-theft door mainly depends on the level of door and the level of lock

9. Look at the welding point

generally, the overall stamping security door is stronger than the welded security door. Of course, the overall stamping technology generally requires imported expensive equipment, so the product cost must also be improved

conclusion: in addition to the above points, you also need to pay attention to comparing three stores before purchase, considering the comprehensive factors of quality, price, after-sales service and so on. At the same time, according to the applicable size of your home, whether the door leaf is easy when opening and closing the anti-theft door, whether the door lock is flexible, and the sound insulation effect of the anti-theft door cannot be less! Of course, whether the workmanship and structure of the anti-theft door are reasonable must also be considered. That's all for the introduction. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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