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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to lunch break and outdoor leisure and entertainment, and the market demand is growing. The appearance of simple folding bed makes our life more convenient. It is not only used at home, but also needed by office workers. Hospital escort is also a necessary choice. Next, let's learn about simple folding bed

the history of simple folding bed

the earliest folding bed appeared in the late Warring States period. Its structure is generally divided into three parts: bed body, bed bar and bed drawer. Each half of the bed is composed of bed brackets, bed braces, and braces with twisted wood. Such a bed can be folded, and the length and width of the bedstead will be much smaller after folding. Folding beds are generally made of hard wood. Among the emperors of the past dynasties in China, there are two distinctive carpenter emperors who have reached the peak and become obsessed with carpentry. One is the fat emperor Yuan Shun, who can design a giant dragon boat by himself, and was finally driven out of the Central Plains by Zhu Yuanzhang; The other is Zhu Yuanzhang's own descendants, “ Genius carpenter ” Zhu Youxiao, Emperor Xi of Ming Dynasty, was the inventor and manufacturer of the first folding bed in history

features of simple folding bed

the advent of folding bed has brought convenience to people's life, and even someone has applied for a patent for this. The utility model relates to an adjustable folding bed chair, which is composed of a bed frame, a movable seat, a foldable foot board, bed frame legs, a front bed top and a rear bed top, etc. the utility model is characterized in that: by combining the above parts, a sleeper and a seat with a desktop can be formed. The folding bed of Beijing hejunxinmei furniture is characterized by great humanization, and its use function is much higher than the lifting hospital bed in large hospitals. The back of the hospital bed has a small lifting angle, so it can only lie down. A small table needs to be added to the bed for meals, and the cost is high. The utility model completely overcomes the above shortcomings. It can not only lie down, but also sit up, and has an independent desktop for patients. The backrest of the chair has a large adjustment angle, and the bed can be folded into a flat plate, which is very convenient for storage and handling

recommended folding bed material introduction

from the material point of view, the types of folding beds include: bamboo, wood, metal, Oxford cloth, Teslin and other materials

earlier folding beds made of bamboo, wood, metal and other materials are mostly folded in half. There are six bed legs, which can be folded and form a plane with the bed surface. It is characterized by hard structure, heavy and large volume. Therefore, it is mainly used at home. It is produced and sold all over the country

in addition, the folding of Oxford cloth and Teslin material makes the bed with soft Oxford cloth and Teslin cloth as the bed surface, and the main structure is composed of round steel tubes, similar to the joint principle “ Skeleton ”, The folding methods are flexible and diverse, and can be folded into a recliner. Its characteristics are: soft, light weight, small size. It is widely used in home, office, lunch break, leisure and other aspects. Because of its flexibility, light weight, low price and wide range of uses, this kind of folding bed is also known as: folding recliner, folding chair, siesta chair, siesta bed, siesta bed, marching bed, etc. People all over the country have different understandings and different names

conclusion: the above is an introduction to the simple folding bed. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the folding bed, please continue to pay attention to the information





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