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On January 8, 2019, the "dream fulfilled Liangge" annual welcome meeting was grandly held at Liangge headquarters

on January 8, 2019, the "dream fulfilled Liangge" annual welcome meeting was grandly held at Liangge headquarters! Mr. Li, chairman of Liangge doors and windows, and Mr. Xia, general manager, together with some excellent dealer representatives, guests, friends and representatives of various industry units and employees, gathered together to share this grand ceremony

party scene

the banquet was very happy. Every core dealer who came home was very excited and looked forward to all kinds of wonderful performances at the party

before the party, the performance "thank you three times, thank you" brought by the family of our sales department; The loud voice around the whole party "thank our parents for giving us life, thank the company for giving us a platform, and thank our customers for helping us grow", also around the hearts of every family present

poke the website and watch the highlights of the scene:

chairman Li's speech at the annual meeting

chairman Li's banquet speech: I am grateful that every employee of the company is always full of energy and has commitments in their own jobs; I am grateful to every little partner who joined the company, injected fresh blood into the company, and also drove the working atmosphere of the whole company; Thank every dealer and partner who has always supported Liangge doors and windows. Let's work together to make the world fall in love with Chinese doors and windows

president Xia ・ annual outlook

president Xia made a review of the results of 2018: lean management culture, integral management system, investment attraction results in 2018, implementation of filial piety cultural activities, etc

manager Xu ・ lean summary

manager Xu explained to us the lean summary in 2018: 2018 proposal results, twi training, KYT poster release, highlight improvement, volunteer activities

click the website to watch the lean oath ceremony:

2018 points system ・ excellent employee award

at the banquet, there was also a "points system? Excellent employee award ceremony", and the most beautiful big red flowers were given to the best people

Liangge doors and windows is the first enterprise in the building materials doors and windows industry to implement China's point system management mode, and it is also the enterprise that has been implemented for the longest time in the industry

"happy points, happy work", Liangge people not only earn points for welfare, but also to exercise themselves, improve their ability, and form good habits. The point system can make excellent people not suffer losses, so " Loss is a blessing " Truly become a reality

2019 points system reward scheme

president Xia announced the 2019 excellent employee reward policy

Liangge ・ filial piety culture

filial piety is an indispensable part of China's 5000 year civilization, and filial piety is the representative of China's traditional virtues. In order to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtue culture, Liangge windows and doors inherit the culture of filial piety, and hold activities of family visit holidays and filial piety gold, let us strengthen our love for parents on weekdays

the performance of the annual meeting is in progress

2019 will be a lucky and happy "pig" year. Thank the lovely and naughty "Mr. Zhu Bajie" for bringing us wonderful performances

cute kittens also came to join the fun. A large group of cute and beautiful beauties brought us the hottest dance "learn cat barking"

the most handsome male gods of the investment promotion department brought us the coolest Dance - Taishan next door

the details of the new version of XiMenqing and panjinlian decide success or failure

the most enthusiastic "flower protector" in the audience

the family of Changsha direct store brought us a different - the new journey to the West

happy new year, and the family of Sanshui direct store brought us a song "congratulations and make a fortune"

exciting award ceremony

loving volunteer group family

"dream come true, 2019, come on! Do it!" The new year's party has officially come to an end! I wish Liangge doors and windows continue to be brilliant and fly high on the road of future development! I wish all the family members in Liangge good health and happiness, and the "pig" will be a great success




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