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On the morning of May 20, a delegation of more than 30 people, including the designer team of Suzhou Wujiang Xingjie decoration company and silk school building materials (Suzhou dealer of Ruiming doors and windows), were invited to visit Ruiming company

on the morning of May 20, a delegation of more than 30 people, including the designer team of Suzhou Wujiang Xingjie decoration company and silk school building materials (Suzhou dealer of Ruiming doors and windows), were invited to visit Ruiming company. A one-day exchange study was carried out

Ruiming is a landmark enterprise of building energy conservation, which integrates the research and development, cultivation and expansion of the industrial chain demonstration base of energy-saving door and window systems. The company covers an area of 100000 square meters. Ruiming leads the transformation and upgrading of the company with the top-level door and window industry innovation system, representing China and exporting to the world! Let "Ruiming produces Chinese intelligent manufacturing" become famous in the world

the visitors explored the "secrets" of Ruiming in depth through the explanations and on-site observations of the relevant heads of Ruiming R & D department, sunshine room business department and production department

first class German automatic machining center, door and window production line, CNC double head cutting saw, CNC machining center, flexible production, rigorous workmanship, scientific design. From entering the production line to the final finalization of doors and windows, every process of each profile and glass of Ruiming is very strict, and every detail can not be ignored. Every Ruiming door and window is a carefully carved work

everyone saw every detail of the production workshop: rigorous working attitude, clean working environment, exquisite finished doors and windows

the interior of Ruiming office building is rich in industrial style design, mainly in black and white, showing a calm and modern sense, which can make people quiet and improve work efficiency

when you enter the exhibition hall, you will first see a history of the development of doors and windows

the historical development of Chinese doors and windows has a long history, and its cultural connotation is accumulated bit by bit. The ancients poured more feelings on doors and windows, making doors and windows occupy a very important position in the living environment and even architectural art

since the 20th century, China's modern architectural doors and windows began to develop rapidly. At that time, they were mainly made of steel. With the continuous development of the times, the height of the building is gradually increasing, and the disadvantages of steel doors and windows are gradually emerging. It is heavy in quality and density, and cannot be based on high-rise buildings

after more than 30 years of development, China has become a country with a large number of door and window enterprises and a large door and window production capacity and sales market in the world. In recent years, systematic doors and windows have played an increasingly important role in the development of the door and window industry

Ruiming aluminum alloy series adopts special corner code, polyurethane two-component corner glue and end face waterproof glue, with good strength. The mullion link adopts the locking structure of duplex pin connector and mullion plug block, which has stable wind pressure resistance

the unique 45 ° wood corner setting process of Ruiming aluminum wood series adopts tenon bar, dovetail tenon, special wood corner setting glue and end face waterproof agent. Improve the flatness of the feet; Reduce the gap between feet; Increase the group angle strength

Ruiming has been deeply engaged in the door and window industry for 17 years. It represents China and exports to the world. In 2004, Ruiming exported the first batch of sample windows to South Korea. In 2005, Ruiming exported the first batch of Ruiming doors and windows, officially opening up overseas markets. As of 2017, it has established long-term cooperative trade relations with more than a dozen countries, including the United States, Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, Kuwait, Peru, Myanmar, Panama, etc

Ruiming looks forward to more visitors coming to Ruiming headquarters in the future. Through visiting the company and workshops, we can have a deeper understanding of Ruiming's original intention for doors and windows, which has remained unchanged for 17 years: caring for the green earth, committed to building energy conservation innovation, and working together with partners to create customer value





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