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At the 2016 Guangzhou Construction Expo, Mr. Nie Hongliang of Zhihua group received an exclusive interview with Huiya information home hotline reporter. He said that the company's performance increased significantly in the first half of the year and will also invest in new factories and purchase new equipment in the second half of the year

interview guests: Nie Hongliang, general manager of sales of Foshan Xinchuang decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Nie Hongliang, general manager of sales of Foshan Xinchuang decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, general manager Nie! More than half of 2016 has passed. What is the basic situation of the company in the second half of the year, and what are the expectations for participating in the Guangzhou Construction Expo

Mr. Nie: Zhihua group has been committed to the independent research and development and production of environmental friendly decorative panel materials. In the first half of this year, compared with last year, it has increased in general, and our domestic performance has increased by 30% - 40%. In addition, we participate in the Guangzhou Construction Expo every year. This time, we have brought a lot of new products. We hope to surprise our customers and friends, and also hope that we can obtain greater trading volume at this exhibition

home hotline: every year, the Guangzhou Construction Expo is the focus of the industry. All enterprises will show their own skills to compete. What new products have our enterprises produced at this year's exhibition to attract popularity

Mr. Nie: we have brought three products to the Guangzhou Construction Expo: one is acrylic printing double-sided stickers, which is our new product developed this year; Another is PETG, which is also a new product we have developed recently; In addition, we have made new improvements in the new process of Lck, which is smoother, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective. We hope it can meet the needs of our customers

home hotline: what are the advantages of the company's products in new functions and new designs? Can you introduce them more specifically

Mr. Nie: our products have added many colors to the color matching, which is designed for the current popular customized whole house home furnishings. At the same time, we have also developed more new colors in this regard. The product colors can be customized according to the needs of customers. For example, with light colors as the main tone and some simple designs, it looks simple and comfortable, with white, beige Gray is more suitable for our modern home life

home hotline: Guangzhou Construction Expo has been the 18th session this year, which can also be called "adult gift". Do you have any blessings and expectations for the Expo? And what are the development plans of the company in the later stage? Will you tell us

president Nie: first of all, I need to wish the CCPIT Expo better and better. We also hope to know more friends and customers through this platform, bring more and better products to our customer friends, and make our home life better and better. For the later stage, our company will also buy new equipment and put it into new factories. At the same time, in the product area, we will launch products for the building materials industry around November this year, so that our product system can be more widely used




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