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Daily water contains harmful substances to human body

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daily water contains harmful substances to human body:

1, industrial wastewater

2, animal excreta

3, heavy metals

4, filterable viruses

5, bacteria, Escherichia coli

6, chemicals

7, pesticides

8, chloroform — Carcinogen

boiling water is a relatively primitive disinfection and sterilization method, which may be a simple and economical method in areas with less water pollution. However, in today's serious water pollution, it can't meet the requirements of human beings. The high temperature of 100 degrees only kills viruses and bacteria, but the bodies of chloroform and other bacteria in the water will concentrate with the boiling time, which is harmful to human body. Moreover, boiling water wastes gas and electricity, and the taste of boiling water is also very poor. Today, with the increasing improvement of living standards, it is time to find another shortcut. Incrustation contains heavy metals harmful to human body, such as cadmium Cd, aluminum Pb, arsenic as, mercury Hg. Most of these heavy metal ions can be accumulated in human body, which is easy to cause cancer lesions for a long time

human beings need healthy water. The standard of healthy water is:

1. It does not contain any substances that are toxic, harmful and odorous to human body (especially organic pollution)

2. The hardness of water is appropriate, 30-150mg/l (based on calcium carbonate)

3. The mineral content required by the human body is moderate (mainly considering the major elements generally lacking in the population)

4, pH value is 7-8

5. The content of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in water is moderate

6. Small water molecular group

7. The media nutritional physiological functions of water (such as water solubility, permeability, diffusion, metabolism, emulsifying power, cleaning power, etc.) should be strong

8. Drink fresh and flowing water

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