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Nilek County, Xinjiang: "industry + employment" consolidates the results of poverty alleviation release date: Source: overseas on June 2, when pressing the refrigeration switch and alarm switch in Jiaha wurastai Township, nilek County, Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, Zhongqin can consider the garden breeding cooperatives as appropriate according to the experimental requirements, and workers are delivering packaged eggs to the truck

this year, nilek county further strengthened the implementation of employment policies, made efforts to increase employment, did a solid job in poverty alleviation and employment, and helped consolidate and improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation

it is understood that in recent years, taowurastai village has introduced cooperative projects, including chicken breeding cooperatives and cattle and sheep breeding cooperatives, as well as dried apricots on trees and slaughterhouses. The village also purchased bookshelves and books on planting and breeding for the villagers free of charge. Up to now, 420 young people in the village have taken the initiative to go out to work, generating more than 8000 per capita income. 91 people have entered the posts of assistant police officer, forest ranger, team leader, head of ten households, roadway head, etc., and the maximum monthly income increase can reach more than 4000

the villagers are eager to buy tijiang shabtihazi. Since November last year, he and his wife have come to zhongqinyuan breeding cooperative to work. In the past, they used to earn living expenses by doing odd jobs. After coming to work here, they paid close attention to the improvement of staff and management every month. China's demand continues to rise with a stable income, and the days are getting better and better

in order to further consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and solve the problem of local labor employment nearby, taowurastai village actively contacts with zhongqinyuan breeding cooperatives to strive for jobs. At the same time, relying on local characteristic resources, taowurastai village helps villagers change their concept of development, broaden the ways for villagers to increase their income and achieve more income

in recent years, nilek county has taken a variety of measures to promote the employment of poor labor forces and increase their income, giving full play to the important role of employment in targeted poverty alleviation, ensuring that the employment first policy takes root, and fully activating the endogenous driving force for poverty eradication. More and more poor people have stable employment at their "home" and have raised their pockets, which has also added confidence, motivation and guarantee for the county to further consolidate the achievements of poverty eradication

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