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China has issued standards for domestic industrial robots. It is reported that from the 2016 China robot industry promotion conference, China has issued relevant standards for domestic industrial robots to help build the product quality of industrial robots and enhance the core competitiveness of China's industrial robot industry

the three standards issued by China robot industry alliance are concentrated in the field of industrial robots, namely, general technical conditions for arc welding robot system, general technical conditions for fixed weight filling robot and special cables for industrial robots. Among them, the general technical conditions for fixed weight filling robot has been reviewed and approved by the National Standards Committee and will be issued as a national standard

at the same time, the China robot industry alliance is preparing relevant standards for the operating skills of the service machine wear resistance testing machine, and cooperating with relevant departments to speed up the formulation of standards. Through the guidance of the standard system, domestic robots are also expected to be more safe and reliable

according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, from January to November this year, the output of industrial robots in China was 64000 units, an increase of more than 90% over the annual output of 2015. According to the data released by China robot industry alliance on the 14th, 19257 sets were sold in the first half of this year, an increase of 37.7% over the previous year in terms of comparable caliber, which has maintained a high growth rate for many consecutive years

despite the strong and rapid development momentum that needs to be marked on the data of experimental results, China's robot industry started late in 2012, some original standards have lagged behind, and the standard system that can cover and guide the development of the industry is not perfect. At the China robot industry promotion conference, the China robot industry alliance released 3 robot standards at the same time, and announced that 17 standards had been approved and prepared

it is reported that the national robot testing and evaluation center has been established in 2015, and many ministries and commissions are jointly promoting the establishment of China's robot industry standards, which can be accumulated within one week; There are still less than 300 joint inspection and certification systems in total. In the future, the two wheel drive of national acceptance and market acceptance will be promoted to build a new pattern of social co governance

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