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The continuous development of industrial motion control technology in China the rapid development of computer technology and microelectronics technology has promoted the continuous progress of industrial motion control technology. Many advanced practical technologies have emerged, such as full closed-loop AC servo drive system, linear motor drive technology, programmable computer controller, motion control card and so on, providing an efficient means for the development and manufacturing of industrial automation equipment. This will also promote the continuous improvement of China's electromechanical integration technology

motion control card is an upper control unit based on industrial PC, which is used in various motion control occasions (including displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc.). It appears mainly because: (1) in order to meet the requirements of standardization, flexibility and openness of the new CNC system; (2) In the development and transformation of the most important and basic performance 1 system in the automatic control function of various industrial equipment (such as packaging machinery, printing machinery, etc.), national defense equipment (such as tracking and positioning system, etc.), intelligent medical devices and other equipment, there is an urgent need for another hardware platform for the clinical results of three patients with a motion control module; (3) The wide application of PC in various industrial sites also urges to equip with corresponding control cards to give full play to the powerful functions of PC

motion control card usually uses professional motion control chip or high-speed DSP as the motion control core, which is mostly used to control stepping motor or servo motor. Generally, the motion control stiffness or the stiffness deviation card under the specified load forms a master-slave control structure with the PC mechanism: the PC is responsible for the management of the human-computer interface and the real-time monitoring of the control system (for example, the management of the keyboard and mouse. We interviewed 6 different insulation material manufacturers, the display of system status, motion trajectory planning, the transmission of control instructions, the monitoring of external signals, etc.); The control card completes all the details of motion control (including the output of pulse and direction signals, the processing of automatic acceleration and deceleration, the detection of signals such as origin and limit, etc.). All motion control cards are equipped with open function libraries for users to develop and construct their own control systems under DOS or windows system platforms. Therefore, this kind of motion control card with open structure can be widely used in various fields of equipment automation in the manufacturing industry

this motion control mode is quite popular in the control system of foreign automation equipment. The motion control card has also formed an independent special industry. The representative products include PMAC, Parker and other motion control cards in the United States. Corresponding products have also appeared in China. For example, the dmc300 series card of Chengdu stepper electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to a variety of automation equipment, such as CNC drilling machine, automobile component performance test bench, etc

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