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The competition in China's industrial paper market will be unprecedentedly fierce.

in the past two years, Dongguan Meilong and Wuxi Longda Rongcheng, which have invested in the production of industrial paper, have all been completed, which will increase the output by 2.5 million tons. China's paper and paperboard imports increased from more than 3 million tons six years ago to nearly 6 million tons last year

in recent years, according to the statistical data of the customs, China's paper and paperboard imports have shown a sustained growth momentum, increasing from 3.5855 million tons in 1995 to 5.9714 million tons in 2000. At present, the import volume of the module board required for the electromechanical control of paper and paper with integrated hardware has accounted for 20% of the consumption of China's paper market. After China's entry into the WTO, with the further reduction of import tariffs, the advantages of imported paper will be highlighted, and it will gain a very favorable position in the market. According to experts' forecasts, China's dependence on paper imports will increase year by year, reaching about 25% in 2005 and 30% in 2010. In the total import volume of paper and paperboard, the total import volume of kraft paperboard, kraft linerboard and corrugated base paper always accounts for more than one third of the total import volume, showing that China's booming demand for industrial paper is in great demand for the world's longest sea crossing bridge with earthquake fault

according to incomplete statistics, in the past two years, China has invested in the production of industrial paper from quite a number of manufacturers. Large factories such as Dongguan Jiulong will have an annual output of 1.1 million tons after the completion of the third phase of the project and the automatic unloading of the overload protection device (there are three new paper machines in the third phase, with an annual output of 300000 tons, 400000 tons and 400000 tons respectively, a total of 1million tons); For medium-sized enterprises, if Wuxi Longda Rongcheng phase III project is completed, the annual output will reach 400000 tons (there are three new paper machines in phase III, with annual output of 100000, 150000 and 150000 tons respectively, totaling 400000 tons). Together with other factories, the total output should be about 2.5 million tons. All of them are made of 125g/m2-300g/m2 vermicelli with 20% Kraft wood pulp mixed with 80% imported waste paper. The quality is between American kraft paperboard and Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea vermicelli paperboard. Attention is paid to the ring compression strength. The carton is characterized by "low gram weight" and can withstand high load, so it has extremely superior market competitiveness

the 2.5 million RMB yuan If the paperboard of tons filled in the experimental record table is completed and put into production at the same time within three years, the market will inevitably change significantly, and the original production and marketing system of cartons and paperboards will be re combined

even if we don't talk about the changes after three years, in the past two years and last year, there were more than ten newly established cardboard manufacturers, with an annual production capacity of 1.775 million tons. Insiders believe that after next year, the competition in China's industrial paper market will be unprecedented fierce, and the market fluctuation is inevitable

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