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Industrial robot talent show: you can lift a kilogram of weight by lifting it and you can pinch an embroidery needle

industrial robot talent show: you can lift a kilogram of weight by lifting it and you can pinch an embroidery needle

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the large industrial robots exhibited at the world robot conference are demonstrating how to operate. Photo by he Guanxin

the mechanical arm used for loading palletizing can play the violin Knock frame "This is beneficial to the environment and economy. Robots with explosion-proof inspection missions perform time and space walk calmly in noisy environments. When talking about industrial robots, people first think of hard work and danger, and think that they are far from daily life. However, many of the industrial robots participating in the 2019 world robot Conference are all-round players who can lift a thousand kilograms of weight and hold an embroidery needle. In the 2019 world robot conference At the scene of the world robot conference, it was found that the versatile industrial robot family has not been neglected at all, but has become a regular guest in our cameras

the robot arm held a small concert

at the noisy and playful exhibition site, and a song "singing to the motherland" sounded, which made many visitors stop to buy experimental machines that they could come to Jinan to indulge in the visit, and the respect was born in their hearts. The music came from the Gree enterprise booth. However, the performers were not real musicians in suits, but yellow industrial robots

at the scene, Gree circled a stage in the center of the exhibition area, put up rows of viewing seats, and built the exhibition area into a small concert hall. On the stage, Gree's mechanical arm, which is usually used for industrial loading, assembly, palletizing, sorting and other functions, becomes a musician, playing piano, violin, drum and other musical instruments

don't underestimate this robot band. They once performed on the same stage with stars zhouhuajian and Lang Lang. When it comes to the creation of letting the mechanical arm play music, most of the experimenters lack the experience of maintaining and protecting the instrument. The relevant person in charge of Gree told him that he hoped to shorten the distance between the audience and the industrial machine through this form

many people think that industrial robots are far away from themselves and do some rough and heavy work. But in fact, with the development of science and technology, industrial robots can complete ultra-fine operations, and playing musical instruments is no problem. Compared with last year, this year, this mechanical arm band has been upgraded again, adding mechanical arm musicians who play piano. The mechanical arm also simulates human hands, and for the first time, it has changed from three fingers to five fingers

the inspection robot can also walk in space

on two tracks about 6 meters long, two yellow robots with eyes and sensors are pacing up and down slowly, which has the aura of space walking. The staff from CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng intelligent told that although the two robots are about the same size, the weight difference is about 300 kilograms, and the functions are not the same

uncle, why do they swing back and forth? Ruirui, a primary school student, grasped the tail of the summer vacation and came to visit with his parents today. As soon as he entered the D hall, he was attracted by the two walkers and ran to the staff to ask. These two are mine track inspection robots. The following one has a higher explosion-proof level and a wider range of application. The staff member replied that such robots are responsible for dangerous workplaces such as coal mines. Instead of manual inspection, they can help human beings reduce labor intensity, reduce labor risks, and increase the load by no more than 0.5%; Production safety

we have a very cool inspection robot for the comprehensive pipe gallery. The staff introduced to him. The robot is a bright yellow coat. It looks like a small fish tank from a distance. It is also a walking player. However, its body is equipped with an environmental detection sensor, which can monitor the temperature and humidity, harmful gas content, air oxygen content, smoke concentration and illumination on site in real time. It can also detect the status of lights and well covers in the pipe gallery

nearly 40% of the world's annual output is made in China

the refinement and versatility of industrial robots are not exceptional. In the exhibition area of Harbin Institute of technology, the 3D visual sorting system seems to be a pair of eyes of the mechanical arm, which can accurately pick up objects the size of bottle caps. In addition, there were robots on the scene showing their unique calligraphy skills: a lightweight parallel cooperation robot used a mechanical arm to hold a brush and write multiple Chinese characters, which caused the audience to marvel. However, writing is just a hobby of this robot. Its real purpose is to complete tasks such as gluing, polishing and polishing objects by learning complex paths. As long as the teacher teaches it once, it can learn complex paths and operating techniques. The relevant person in charge of the exhibition area told me

according to a set of data released at the opening ceremony of the world robotics conference, the output of China's industrial robots reached 148000 sets last year, accounting for more than 38% of the global output. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the opening ceremony that since this year, the growth of global industrial robots has slowed down due to the impact of the international economic development environment. At the same time, the robot industry is also facing many problems and challenges in the development process. The key core technologies need to be further improved, the application scenarios and fields need to be further expanded, and the risk prevention and control and legal and regulatory systems need to be further improved. Zhaoyuhan yinchengyue

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