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Rising industrial interconnection: a long way to go for security issues Liu Duo: Deputy to the National People's Congress and President of the China Institute of information and communications. Engaged in policies, standards and supervision related to telecommunications, next generation interconnection, cloud computing, big data, industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence; It has won 3 first prizes of ministerial level scientific and technological progress, and won the title of national March 8th red flag bearer and national outstanding scientific and technological worker

taoyaodong: head of industrial safety division of 360 enterprise safety group. Director of National Joint Laboratory for industrial control system security, head of 360 industrial interconnection security business, and AC member of ccfyocsef headquarters; He has been engaged in scientific research and management in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for more than 10 years, and has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards. Now he is responsible for 360 industrial safety product line

industrial interconnection has brought qualitative improvement to the manufacturing industry

at present, interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are accelerating the deep integration with the real economy. Since the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry to develop industrial interconnection in November last year, the attention of industrial interconnection has been rising, and it has been mentioned many times during the two sessions. Industrial interconnection is considered to be the focus of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. By realizing the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things, and promoting the ubiquitous connection, flexible supply and efficient allocation of manufacturing resources, it is promoting the profound changes in the innovation mode, production mode, organization form and business paradigm of the manufacturing industry

from start-ups to technology giants, more and more market players began to flow into the field of industrial interconnection. With the increasing focus on industrial interconnection, how to enable the real economy has become an important issue for Liu duo, a deputy to the National People's Congress and President of the China Institute of information and communications

according to Liu duo, industrial interconnection is to connect all the elements, links and cycles of industrial production in a unified way. By building an infrastructure with low delay, high reliability and wide coverage, it brings new business forms and models, including four aspects: intelligent production, networking collaboration, personalized customization and service extension

Liu duo explained that intelligent production enables all relevant workshops, factories and other different links to be digitized and intelligent. It can collect the overall data and make relevant decisions through data correlation analysis, so as to improve the overall production efficiency. In addition, digitalization and intelligence will also greatly improve the yield rate; At the same time, networking collaboration makes factory workshops open, and allows all departments to participate in the process of collaboration, so as to realize the allocation of supply and demand between different factories and save related costs

personalized customization enables consumers to directly connect with enterprises, reducing the inventory of the whole enterprise and reducing many costs. In addition, digitalization, intelligence and networking will also reduce some related costs, so it can play a very big role in improving quality, efficiency and reducing costs

Liu duo pointed out that the most important thing about industrial interconnection is that the business type and new model that consume less energy in the new running process can refine and model the relevant knowledge and experience accumulated in the whole production, manufacturing, design, circulation and other different links, and finally enable enterprises to form many mobile Internet like applications and industrial apps on the industrial interconnection platform

having such an app will bring many model innovations. After large enterprises take the lead and create exemplary applications, subsequent small and medium-sized enterprises can promote the demonstration applications, thereby driving the improvement of the quality of the entire manufacturing industry

focus on promoting the construction of three systems

Liu duo believes that industrial interconnection will create an emerging network infrastructure with comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things through the system construction of three functional systems: network, platform and security, and form an emerging business form and application mode of intelligent development, which will have an all-round, deep-seated and revolutionary impact on the future industrial development

in terms of network, the state has made relevant technical schemes and standards, which can apply new technologies, such as time sensitive network and deterministic network, and how to apply IP and 5g technologies within the whole enterprise. Liu duo said that from the perspective of platform, the state has nearly three platforms to increase the circuit load resistance characteristics. Different industries and fields hope to build their own platforms in the future Cross domain application; In terms of security, the security of enterprises in the era of industrial interconnection needs to be improved first, and then enterprises in all fields need to cooperate closely to jointly solve the security problems in the era of industrial interconnection

Liu duo also added that the formulation of industrial interconnection standards is currently under preparation. Industrial interconnection industry alliance, China Communications Standardization Association and other relevant institutions are also formulating relevant alliance standards and industry standards, and the safety assessment standards may be issued at the same time. In the future, all standards will work together. For example, after the technical scheme is produced, it needs to be verified with relevant technical standards first, and then the security verification of the whole network system. Finally, the overall stable, safe and reliable operation will be realized

2018 is considered to be the first year for China to fully implement the construction of industrial interconnection. The Ministry of industry and information technology will comprehensively promote the 323 action and implement the three-year action plan for industrial interconnection

323 action refers to building three systems: network, platform and security; Promote two types of applications, one is the integrated innovation of large enterprises, the other is the popularization of applications by small and medium-sized enterprises; Build three major supports: industry, ecology and internationalization

Liu duo said that in the process of implementing 323, the most important thing is publicity and implementation, so that local governments, relevant enterprises and industry personnel can fully understand the importance of the entire industrial interconnection and understand the current contents of industrial interconnection; The second is the construction of related industrial ecology, so that all aspects, including politics, industry, education and research, are continuously constructed on large platforms; Thirdly, in terms of security, we need to work together to build; The last is internationalization. At the industrial level, we will provide financial and tax support to promote Chinese standards and Chinese solutions to the world

it network brings security risks to industrial interconnection

industrial interconnection has greatly expanded the boundaries and functions of the network space by comprehensively interconnecting man-machine and objects. It has also broken the traditional closed pattern of industrial control systems, exposing a large number of system security problems and amplifying the online and offline security risks. On the other hand, as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies are still in the stage of continuous innovation and high-speed iteration, the industry generally believes that industrial interconnection is still in the exploratory stage, and there are still many problems to be solved

Taoyaodong, head of the industrial safety division of 360 enterprise safety group, pointed out that safety and business development complement each other. Development is the premise of safety and safety is the guarantee of development

in the process of seeking to develop cases of prosthesis fatigue fracture, the industrial network and the traditional IT network have been integrated, that is, the integration of it and ot. Taoyaodong said that in this process, the traditional IT network has relatively perfect protective measures due to a large number of network security incidents and a large number of users. However, for the closed ot network, there were no thieves or villains, but because it networks were connected, Thieves and villains that used to be common in it went to ot network. For example, when the blackmail virus broke out in 2017, it had affected some government agencies and even service enterprises. During that process, many manufacturing enterprises found that production was unstable and restarted repeatedly

taoyaodong pointed out that the problems of manufacturing enterprises are often diversified, such as intermittent unstable production, data loss, etc. The main reason is that the designers and engineers of industrial control networks in the automation field or it field who prefer automation do not fully understand the network field, resulting in very weak consideration of safety in the design network and products

from the perspective of people in the field of safety, I think that most industrial control networks are in a state of naked running, which is easy for criminals to break in and cause serious safety accidents, taoyaodong stressed

taoyaodong believes that the development of financial science and technology is a powerful weapon. Through big data analysis and collaborative linkage, the ability of security protection can be improved, so that the machine is still in the stage of "being satisfied with being too young" and the equipment becomes smarter, but people are still the core of security

as early as 2015, taoyaodong put forward the concept of data-driven security. He analyzed with examples that in personalized production scenarios, for example, when purchasing pillow towels and pillowcases, customers want to embroider family photos. They may use app and upload photos, and then the photos are transmitted to the manufacturer. The manufacturer quickly decomposes the design, processes them, invokes logistics, and delivers them to the customer within two days. This is actually a very typical scenario of industrial interconnection. However, there are serious loopholes: if hackers attack the manufacturer's app and send a large number of fake orders, the manufacturer uses a large amount of resources and logistics, resulting in greater waste, and individuals may have to pay huge compensation

in the scenario of data-driven security, if an individual only sends one order a day, but suddenly sends hundreds of orders, it indicates that an exception may occur. At this time, the security system forms a shadow. The manufacturer can return to analyze the order behavior and even contact the customer to confirm the order. This is a small scenario of data-driven security

Tao Yaodong added that people are the core of safety in the development of industrial interconnection. This conclusion is based on four assumptions. The first assumption is that there are always loopholes in the system; The second assumption is that there must be loopholes that have been discovered but have not been repaired; The third assumption is that the enterprise must be attacked; The fourth assumption is that insiders are unreliable

data collection is still in its infancy.

compared with the massive data sources of consumption interconnection, the data collection means of industrial interconnection in China are still in its infancy

in taoyaodong's opinion, most of the current data come from the production and operation data of the factory itself, lacking a large amount of underlying data. There are also few data collected from the most advanced domestic manufacturing enterprises, such as machine operation data, machine power consumption data, current data, processing efficiency, etc

as for how to solve the difficult problem of data collection, taoyaodong emphasized that the breakthrough lies in the application of 5g, NBLT and other new technologies, the reduction of the cost of data collection hardware and the allocation of engineers in corresponding disciplines

Liu duo also expressed similar views. In her opinion, there are certain barriers in the sharing of industrial interconnection data. The reason for the difficulty in data collection is that at this stage, the factory data are not interconnected, and the industrial operation data and enterprise management data are not well communicated

to solve this problem, first of all, effective data communication should be carried out within the factory, and all departments should work together to complete relevant decision-making and management; Second, the factories are connected, that is, networked collaboration. At the same time, Liu duo also expressed an optimistic attitude. In the future, he will be able to share relevant data through relevant supply and demand operations, and jointly integrate and process the data to produce greater value

blockchain technology is in the process of industrial interconnection.

new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and mobile Internet are developing in full swing and rapidly changing the way of production and life. At present, industrial interconnection is still under exploration

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