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Industrial Design: check the quality of "innovation"

industrial design is different from pure conceptual design. All factors related to industrialization must be taken into account in the design of any product. Not only the structural design of the product should consider the material, forming and other factors, but also the appearance of the product should also consider the realization of various functions, and even the characteristics of the materials used

not only superficial efforts

with the continuous improvement of consumers' safety requirements for indoor household appliances, the development of products is a work with special emphasis on "innovation", and the most important thing in the design process is to check the quality of "innovation". Today's product design is no longer a simple change of appearance in order to reduce the development cost as before, but requires a comprehensive design from the internal structure, functional features to the product appearance, including appearance functionality

a good industrial design, in addition to having a good external form, use mode, etc., needs to keep up with the use function and production quality

design research case

the following product is an electronic gift negative ion product designed by us for a trading company that delays the purchase of high priced raw materials

we have designed an on-board air purifier for this company, which uses the cigarette lighter socket on the car to power the product. The shape and lines of the purifier are simple and simple, and the volume is like that of MP3. At this time, it is necessary to press the emergency stop button. It is a good product beneficial to health. The company hopes to make another anion product that extends to personal care. Negative ions, known as vitamins in the air, can effectively purify the air, eliminate smoke, odor, mold and harmful substances, and prevent the spread of diseases. I also agree with the customer's decision on this product development

personal anion product ID design scheme

(the product has applied for appearance patent, patent No.: zl.8)

after consulting and signing the entrusted design agreement with the customer, we began the industrial design and research of this new product

this product needs to consider many issues. On the one hand, it needs to be suitable for different people, such as drivers, long-time workers in front of computers, patients, doctors, etc. it needs to consider the rationality of the use method, the simulation of the use environment and use state, the factors that the product appearance, surface texture and color affect the psychology of consumers, and make the design and research results accepted by most people as much as possible; On the other hand, we must consider the feasibility of man-machine relationship. This product is mainly considered to be hung on the chest

in combination with the above considerations, we have considered the following points for the practical functions of the product:

1 The hanging rope must be connected with the product. Since the negative ion outlet needs to be towards the direction of human breathing for regional air purification, the negative ion outlet part of the product needs to be made at the top, and the upward and surrounding directions are the negative ion outlet direction. When operating the burst resistance tester, it should be noted that the connection between the lanyard and the product should not block the negative ion outlet, and it should not be done like any other product with lanyard. At the same time, the length of the hanging rope should be adjustable to meet the needs of different people

2. The overall size shall be as small and light as possible, and the appearance design of humanized electronic products with "affinity" shall be made. We choose the smallest possible components and use them in a compact combination. In terms of shape, lines and colors, we choose to use the elements with life breath that have the feelings of "vitality", "Youth", "loveliness" and "environmental protection" for design. In this way, the whole appearance looks full of vitality and vitality. At the same time, we provide the product with several colors with different color feelings for consumers to choose

3. Product production and material cost. This problem mainly depends on the market positioning of investors, which to a large extent is the key factor to determine a product. In this regard, designers need to focus on the appearance and structural design related to materials, as well as the rationality of forming and assembly

we have designed several schemes for customers to choose from different consumer perspectives. Compared with a few similar products in the current market, the design scheme finally adopted by customers has the advantages of stronger practicability and more elegant appearance. Compared with the products with strong industrial manufacturing flavor in the market, it is more beautiful and gives people a sense of intimacy. This is the purpose of industrial design. (end)

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